17,08,15   6:53 pm

Roberta’s Garden Pig Roast + Zev’s Selections

THIS IS TONIGHT! Join us for a special Pig Roast in the garden! This ticketed, four-course garden dinner will feature a Whole Roast Heritage Pig, a selection of breads from Roberta's Bakery and wine pairings from Zev Rovine. Ticket price includes meal cost, wine pairing & service.

04,12,14   7:30 pm

Frank Cornelissen Dinner + Chambers Street Wines 2014

Frank Cornelissen3   From the Chamber's Street website: Dinner with Frank Cornelissen! 7:30 PM TO 10:30 PM Our fourth annual dinner with Frank Cornelissen will be held at 7:30pm on Thursday, December 4th, at Sophia’s of Little Italy (143 Mulberry St NY) We will taste the full line-up: Rosato, Bianco, Contadino, Munjabel Rosso, 3 single-vineyard reds, and the famous Magma – all served from magnums or 3-liter bottles. Frank is a great guest-of-honor, always cheerful and delighted to have a chance to meet everyone and to talk about his wines. $120 per person include dinner, wine, tax, and tip. Please call the store to book your seats: 212-227-1434"

30,05,13   7:00 pm

The Pines & Sud de France

935632_600840143274494_962178531_n Angelo Romano, the rising star chef of The Pines has teamed up with Sud de France for a a 7 course dinner on June 23rd that will feature many wines from Zev Rovine Selections. The chef will present his own interpretations of the cuisine of the Languedoc-Roussillon paired with wines of the region. You will have the chance to taste the Minnervois wines from Benjamin Taillandier, the Languedoc wines from the 100 year old vines of Domaine Matin Calme and many other. It's going to be a great night! More for information check out the official Sud de France website: