01,07,13   8:17 pm

Forza Italia: I Clivi


Located so for north in Friuli, they are almost in Slovinia, Ferdinando Zanusso & his son Mario run the Brazan Family Vineyard in the Collio Orientale. In his previous life Ferdinando was diplomat with the United Nations in the Africa working on food distribution, He stated setting up the early 1990’s and acquired 2 very old vineyards, 12ha of vines that had been abandoned, but we not too far gone to save. The terraced vineyards were located in 2 of Fruili’s best sites, Corno di Rasazzo in the Colli Orientali del Friuli and Brazzano di Cormons in the Collio district. They produced a minute 2000 bottles in their first vintage.


The families personal philosophy is to  stay out of the way, let the terroir speak for itself and make a very traditional wine of deep character without any interference.  They work the vineyards organically with naturally low yields, usually under 20 hectolitres per hecatare. In the cellar the wines are fermented using only their natural yeasts, fermented on the lees for at least 2 years and then racked and aged in an old wood for an additional year. In the words of Ferdinando Zanusso, they produce wines of the “purest terroir expression, without addition of diminishing”