New Arrivals

12,09,14   3:14 pm

Cornelissen Olive Oil

oil on oil on oil ...All that is Frank Cornelissen olive oil. Contadino oil $25/750ml Contadino oil $72/ 3L Munjebel oil $30/ 500ml

02,05,14   5:57 pm

Spring is back so as Tessier!

photo(20) 2013 Cheverny white and rose has returned. We are also happy to announce that we also received to new cuvees: Cheverny rouge 2013 60% Gamay; 30% Pinot Noir; 10% Cot. Fermented and aged in tank. Cheverny rouge "le point du jour" 2013 70% Pinot Noir; 30% Gamay. Aged in big barrels. Enjoy!    

22,04,14   5:06 pm

Chateau St Anne-Bandol

photo(18) A 15 ha vineyard located in Bandol one of the top Appellation of Provence. The Domaine is managed now by Françoise Dutheil de la Rochere and her son Jean-Baptiste. Both pioneered natural wine not only in Provence but also in France, members of Association des Vins Naturels (AVN), they work closely with estate such as Thierry Puzelat, Pierre Overnoy, Gramenon… They belong with them to the first generation of natural winemakers in France. We have just received a bunch of cuvees from the estate, with some old vintages of Bandol rouge! Bandol Blanc 2012-Ugni Blanc, Clairette Bandol Rose 2012-Mouvedre Cotes de Provence Rouge 2009-50%Mourvedre, 50%Grenache Bandol Rouge 2010-90% Mouvedre, Grenache Bandol Rouge 2006-90%Mouvedre, Grenache Bandol Rouge 1999-90%Mouvedre , Grenache    

17,04,14   6:47 pm

Glou Glou from the South: La Roche Buissiere

photo(18) Located northeast of Vaison-La-Romaine in the southern Cotes du Rhone, Antoine and Lawrence Joly work 18 hectare of organic vineyards making some of our favorite wines in the region. They maintain a freshness and lightness in their wines via very intense vineyard work that allows them to harvest earlier than several other producers in their area resulting in less concentrated and lower alcohol wines.   Antoine's family has run the estate since the early 1970's (his grandfather was a beekeeper in the area and his father Pierre returned to live a more simple lift after his involvement in the Parisian student riots of 1968) Pierre was a pioneer of organic viticulture in the Rhone and the vineyards have been certified since the 1980, although he sold most of the grapes to the local co-op.  Antoine and Lawrence took over  in 1999 and since 2003 have vinified 100% of the harvest themselves.    All of the cuvees with the exception of Petit Jeanne and Gaia are 100% de-stemmed, ferment...Read More

14,04,14   2:16 pm

Benjamin Taillandier is Back!

photo(18) Our favorite producer from Minervois just released his new vintages and it just came to NY! Located in Caunnes-Minervois, Benjamin produces natural wine from the Languedoc with very low intervention (natural yeasts, low sulfur..). He feels that many of the wines in the Minervois AOP are too concentrated and alcoholic, and works hard to make wines  that, while full flavored, are lighter, fresher and lower in alcohol than most average wines from the Languedoc Blanc 2013: Terret Gris-Grenache gris. Small skin contact maceration and naturally fermented in oak. 6 Rose 2013: Cinsault-Syrah-Carignan. Direct press and fermented in tank. Laguzelle 2013: Cinsault-Syrah-Carignan. Short Cold maceration and natural fermentation in tank Viti Vini Bibi 2012: Grenache-Cinsault-Carignan. 12 days of cold maceration, fermented in tank. 1 year of aging in vat. Bufentis 2012: Syrah-Carignan. From 60 years old vines, long maceration in tank. 1 year of aging in old oak....Read More

09,04,14   3:41 pm

Once upon the time in Jura: New Vintages of l’Octavin

photo(18) The new Cuvees of Domaine l'Octavin in Arbois, no additives and no sulfur at all.   Foutre d'Escampette: 100% Chardonnay pet'nat, natural sparkling wine. Arbois Pamina 2011: 100% Chardonnay from the famous terroir of "La Mailloche", 2 years in Cask Arbois Dora Bella 2012: 100% Poulsard from the Terroir of "En Curons", no inteventions just grapes and passion! Commendatore 2012: 100% Trousseau, the other Jurassic red grape, the vineyard is from "Les Corvees" probably the best vineyard in Jura to grow Trousseau. ULM 2012: 100% Pinot Noir from the vineyard of "Les Nouvelles"  

29,07,13   7:06 pm

The Holly Gamay according to Herve Ravera.

photo-7 We are happy to announce that 2012 vintage of Herve Ravera’s Roure Libre 5 has made its way to our warehouse. Since his first vintage Herve’s wines have improved exponentially year after year and 2012 is no exception, it may even be his greatest offering to date. While 2012 was a very tough vintage (too much rain and mildew resulted in tiny yields) Herve was able to take what was left and produce around 2,000 bottles of incredibly high quality Gamay, of which we have received a generous amount. The wine is wonderfully fresh and spicy with some notes of ripe cherries It gains structure after a bit of air and the texture and length are fantastic. We are honestly floored by how great this wine is.

01,07,13   8:17 pm

Forza Italia: I Clivi

photo Located so for north in Friuli, they are almost in Slovinia, Ferdinando Zanusso & his son Mario run the Brazan Family Vineyard in the Collio Orientale. In his previous life Ferdinando was diplomat with the United Nations in the Africa working on food distribution, He stated setting up the early 1990’s and acquired 2 very old vineyards, 12ha of vines that had been abandoned, but we not too far gone to save. The terraced vineyards were located in 2 of Fruili’s best sites, Corno di Rasazzo in the Colli Orientali del Friuli and Brazzano di Cormons in the Collio district. They produced a minute 2000 bottles in their first vintage.   The families personal philosophy is to  stay out of the way, let the terroir speak for itself and make a very traditional wine of deep character without any interference.  They work the vineyards organically with naturally low yields, usually under 20 hectolitres per hecatare. In the cellar the wines are fermented using only their natural ye...Read More

25,06,13   6:45 pm

Welcome to the Robinot family!

photo-7 In the following order: Fetembulle 2011/sparkling Chenin blanc ;Les Annees folles 2009/sparkling Chenin blanc ;Les Annees folles "Paris la Nuit" 2011/sparkling Chenin blanc ;Cuvee Bistrologie 2011/ 15 years old vines Chenin blanc ;Les Charmes 2011/50 years old vines Chenin blanc ;Cuvee P 2011/ sparkling Pineau d'Aunis ;Concerto d'Oniss 2011/ Pineau d'Aunis

03,06,13   4:02 pm

The Auvergne gang: Francois Dhumes

download After finishing his enology studies in Burgundy, Francois Dhumes spent 5 years working for a few traditional estates in the Rhone, but after a while he realized the more he learned about conventional winemaking the less interested he became. It was when he moved back to his native Auvergne that he met winemakers like Vincent Tricot, Patrick Bouju, and Stephane Majeune, started learning from them, and developed a real understanding of how to make wine with no additives and just a bit of sulphur at bottling. Francois leads a simple life in the mountains of Auvergne, working 3ha of vines on volcanic slopes. He grows gamay and chardonnay and still puts in some time working for Tricot and Bouju to earn money to expand his estate. As of 2013 he own 3ha of vines and produces 5,000 bottles of wine. Minette Grape: gamay Soils: basalts Ha: 0.8 Age of the vines: 35 year Yield: 15hl/ha Harvest: manual Winemaking: destemmed grape, 2 months of maceration Aging: 1 year in old barrel...Read More

24,05,13   2:55 pm

Every man alive loves Susucaru N5!

picture2   The volcanic juicy rose made by Frank Cornelissen on Mount Etna (Sicily), a blend of Malvasia, Cattaratto, Insolia and Nerello Mascalese fermented with skin!

23,05,13   9:53 am

Frederic Cossard in NYC!

Fred Cossard_095 Fred Cossard inherited his love of wine from his grandfather who owned 0.5ha of vines in Cote-d’or. But while Fred wished to work in the vines, his father sent him to work in the milk business, which he did for 10 years. During that time, his work took him from northern burgundy throught through the Beaujolais and he spent plenty of time at the end of the day tasting and getting to know the winemakers, never very far from the culture that he loved. Exhausted by the dairy trade, he purchased a few hecatares of vines in St Romain, some small parcels in Auxey Duresses, and a bit in Nuits St Georges and began making wine. In 1997 he botled the first vintage of Domaine Chassorney Little by little the estate grew as Fred planted more vines, built his winery and created a second negociant label called simply “Frederic Cossard” The wines of the negociant label are made the same way as the domaine wines - fermented with wild yeast and foot stomped without so2 added during the winemakin...Read More

23,05,13   9:50 am

The Auvergne gang:Vincent Tricot

picture1 Born in Anjou, Vincent left the Loire and attended Oenology School in Beaujolais in the early 1990’s. After graduating he stayed in the region and apprenticed in Brouilly for winemaker Patrick Coton. Around this time he met Marcel Lapierre and several other winemakers who were begining to attract attention to their non-interventionist style of winemaking.  Vincent was moved by their wines and quickly decided that this was the path for him.   In 2002 he moved with his wife and their 2 daughters to the village of Orcet in Auvergene. They purchased  4.5 ha of organic vines and planted an additional  .6 ha.  Vincent had learned that the region had one of the largest concentrations of pre-phylloxera vines in France and was eager to for such a rare opportunity to work with.   In 2003 the family produced their first cuvee in “Les Marcottes” without any added sulphur and have continued that approach for all of the wines.  They Currently grow Gamay, Pinot Noir, ...Read More