09,04,14   3:41 pm

Once upon the time in Jura: New Vintages of l’Octavin


The new Cuvees of Domaine l’Octavin in Arbois, no additives and no sulfur at all.


Foutre d’Escampette: 100% Chardonnay pet’nat, natural sparkling wine.

Arbois Pamina 2011: 100% Chardonnay from the famous terroir of “La Mailloche”, 2 years in Cask

Arbois Dora Bella 2012: 100% Poulsard from the Terroir of “En Curons”, no inteventions just grapes and passion!

Commendatore 2012: 100% Trousseau, the other Jurassic red grape, the vineyard is from “Les Corvees” probably the best vineyard in Jura to grow Trousseau.

ULM 2012: 100% Pinot Noir from the vineyard of “Les Nouvelles”