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Amaro Rubino




Matteo Rubino began experimenting with amaro as a way to give homemade Christmas gifts to his friends and family. He spent two years deep-diving into the herbs and botanicals of the region and was inspired to create amaro professionally. Matteo works with farmers in the prealps of Lombardy and Piedmont, focusing on the areas around Valsassina and Varese. He also includes Calabrian licorice in his recipe as an homage to his grandparents and their southern home.


Amaro Rubino

Region: Lombardy
Base: organic wheat spirit
Process: botanicals steeped in 55% ABV base for several weeks. The herbs are pressed to retain aromatics and a solution of water and licorice is added. The alcohol level is lowered, cane sugar and local honey are mixed in cold. The amaro is filtered a week after the last additions.
Sugar: can sugar, local honey
Botanicals: Chamomile, elderflower, nettle, caraway, dandelion root, hyssop, and calabrian licorice
ABV: 25%