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Buddy Buddy

United States



Cassidy Miller

After years of fostering a love for natural wine in the Bay Area, Cassidy Miller committed to the industry in 2020 and signed on to be a harvest intern for Vinca Minor. It was a destructive fire season in California and the winery was experimenting with apples to work around the intensely smoke tainted harvest. This inspired the creation of Buddy/Buddy, a project focusing on co-ferments of grapes, apples, and pears. Cassidy sources organic or biodynamically farmed fruit mostly from the Mendocino area. The project is spontaneously fermented, unfined, unfiltered, and uses minimal to no sulfur. While the first vintage was a collaboration with Vinca Minor, Buddy/Buddy continues to grow as an independent label. Cassidy still works out of the Vinca Minor space in Berkley.