Producer wine
Clos Lapeyre




Jean-Bernard Larrieu

The Clos Lapeyre is a third generation family domain of 17 hectares, about half way between the Atlantic ocean and the Pyrenees mountains, not far from the city of Pau. The vineyards are planted on slopes at an altitude of between 250 and 350m. Because of the steep incline, some 9 ha (19 acres) of the estate are planted on terraces. The Jurançon appelation is famous for its sweet desert wines, but Lapeyre produces 7 different wines with very different expressions, due to a large variety of soils and sun exposure.  Sweet and dry white wines, some of the best parcels offering a complex wine that will age well and some being made for an early degustation, emphasizing their fruit and freshness. The Jurancon Sec achieves an aromatic intensity by picking late and using the lees to obtain color and extract. Jean-Bernard Larrieu works organically, ploughing the land and using copper and sulphur compounds and plants extracts for protective spraying in order to respect the plant but also its environment. Organic viticulture allows the different varieties to express the minerality of the pudding stone soils, the fresh air of the Pyrenees mountains, and also the soft warmth of the ocean.