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Freimeister Kollektiv


Germany and beyond


Freimeister Kollektiv was founded in Berlin by artist and distiller Theo Ligthart in 2016 to bring small producers to the market in the most accessible way possible. With a world of consumers looking for a more diversified spirits experience, the collective seeks to answer the challenge of “complying with an increasing demand for transparency and sustainability” (Theo Ligthart). Theo came to distilling through his own art – he created a Dopplekorn together with a Brandenburg distillery, examining how a piece balances between being art and a commercial product. He brings this kind of collaborative, experimental energy to each project under Freimeister Kollektiv. He has created a network of around 30 distillers and bartenders in Germany, France, Austria, Estonia, Denmark, Ukraine, Spain, and Mexico that create interpretations of classic spirits as well as original beverages. Including bartenders and beverage professionals is a way of including all levels of the spirits world in the collaboration process. Theo himself is involved with each distiller and project.


Gondo AB 381

Collaborator: Josef Farthofer, Austria and Ralf Rüller, specialty coffee pioneer, Berlin.
Base: neutral grain spirit. Josef cultivates his own wheat.
Process: Gonda AB coffee from Muranga, Kenya are lightly roasted to preserve fruity aromas. Ground beans are macerated in the wheat distillate and then distilled.
Sugar: none
ABV: 40%


Doppelwacholder 052

Collaborator: Gerhard Liebl, Bavarian Forest
Base: fine wheat distillate
Process: fresh juniper berries are gently pressed and macerated in wheat distillate for 48 hours. distilled for 5 hours in a 150 liter still. matured in earthenware containers for several months. diluted with spring water before bottling
Sugar: none added
Botanicals: fresh juniper berries from Tuscany
ABV: 43%


Cassis 775

Producer: Fritz Martin Mozer, fruit grower and distiller. Located in Hohenloe, Germany
Base: currant brandy
Process: fresh pressed black currant juice diluted with currant brandy (distilled on site)
Sugar: 200g/l — half of the typical cassis sugar levels
ABV: 25%