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“It all started out with our passion for the North Region of Brazil. While Fernando furthered his knowledge of the Amazonian folklore during the Parintins Festival and as he listened to Dona Onete, Lia Sophia, Pinduca (among others) at the parties of the state of Pará, Cadu got into the forest for days and nights on end in his boat trips through the Amazonian rivers, beaches and islands, searching for different customs and cultures of that region. At that time we had no idea that these trips would mark the beginning of Jambuzera.

The production begins in the Amazon, in the inner state of Pará. Edigar and his family, together with a small community of family farmers where they live, are passionate about the production of jambu in harmony with nature. They are the responsible for this essential ingredient for us. From there, jambu hits the road on the way to one of the best distillers of Brazil, in the South Region, where all the other steps of the production take place with the same original DNA: free of sugar and food coloring, extracts or industrialized ingredients. All this natural, slow and handmade process allows for a unique and extraordinary experience with Jambuzera, surprising at every sip.”

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Location: Jambu grown in Pará, disitlled in Ivoti.
Base: Jambu — known as buzz buttons/electric daisy in the U.S., indigenous to the Amazon.
Process: distilled in copper stills. no added sugar, food coloring, extracts, or industrialized ingredients. certified organic.
ABV: 38%