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Les Faverelles



20,000 bottles/year

Formerly a bookseller in Paris for 20 years, Patrick Bringer now lives in the north Burgundian village of Asquins where Isabelle Georgelin is also the mayor. They farm 6ha of vines in the Vezelay appellation, an even split of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay with a small amount of the ancient grape Cesar for blending. Not only do they work organically, but Asquins is also certified organic, which means no chemicals or pesticides are allowed in the village at all.

Patrick is very committed to Biodynamic viticulture, and they are also recently Ecocert certified. Grapes are handpicked, fermented on indigenous yeasts and are not chapitalized or filtered and fermented 9-12 months in old oak. The cool climate of the region means that even in warmer vintages like 2009 the Bringer’s still make wines that are merely 12.5% in alcohol,  retaining all freshness and delicacy that the Yonne has to offer.



“Le nez de Muse” Bourgogne Rouge

Region: Burgundy
Grape: Pinot Noir 
Vineyard Size: 6 hectares
Soil: clay, limestone
Average Age of Vines: 25 years
Farming: organic, biodynamic
Harvest: by hand
Winemaking: fermentation in wooden casks
Aging: 12 months in oak
Fining: none
Filtration: none
So2: 25-30 mg/L


“Le nez de Muse” Vézelay Blanc

Region: Burgundy
Soil: clay, limestone
Vineyard Size: 1.2 hectares
Age of the vines: 18 years
Farming: organic, biodynamic
Harvest: manual
Winemaking: direct press, fermentation in stainless steal
Aging: 9 months in tanks
Fining: none
Filtration: none
So2: 35-40mg/L