Producer wine




The Orgosa di Musina Giuseppe winery was born in Orgosolo in 2002, it was the first company to produce bottled wine in Orgosolo. The vineyards are located in the Locoe valley, on the Nuoro-Orgosolo road (soil composed of sand from granite decay) where the cellar is also located and in the Sorasi valley at the foot of the Supramonte with mainly calcareous soil. The main vine cultivated is Cannonau and other vines in small quantities such as Carignano, Pascale and Sangue di Cristo. The Biodynamic agriculture system is used with the sowing of legumes and grasses in the field, without any use of chemical fertilizers. Copper sulfur is used for cures. The production consists of a pure Cannonau, Orgosa and an IGT composed of 80% Cannonau, 20% Carignano, Pascale and Sangue di Cristo grapes.