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The Single Apple Company



2,000 bottles

The Single Apple Company was created in 2016 with the idea of creating a modern vision of Calvados. Established in 2016, the Saint James based distiller has a goal of creating single variety calvados. With over 200 apples within the AOC, the options are seemingly endless. Currently the single varieties are maturing, in the meantime they are making a more traditional spirit with multiple apple varieties, a gin made from apple brandy, and special project eau de vies.

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Single Apple Gin

Region: Saint James, Normandy
Base: Normandy apples
Process: aromatized gin with apple spirit base
Sugar: none added
Botanicals: apple blossom, elderflower, elderberry, black currant, blueberry, marshmallow, cumbawa
ABV: 40%


“Larme du Pelerin”

Region: Saint James, Normandy
Base: tete de brebis, couer dur, charge souvent, began, binet rouge, doux moer, and donce couet ligne apples
Process: aged 8 years in old calvados barrels, then finished 1 year in brandy casks from south west France
Sugar: none added
ABV: 46%