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Country: France
Base: Natural wine from local winemakers
Process: Hand foraged wild juniper and wild arbouse are macerated overnight in the base alcohol, “one-shot” distilling in copper pot still. 
“*Our gins are not legally allowed to be labeled “gin” because of European Union law requiring that alcohols named “gin” or “vodka” attain a base alcohol of 96% ethanol. Spirits produced in old, traditional, discontinuous stills will never reach this level of ethanol; only sprits distilled in modern, column stills can reach this level of ethanol. We so strongly believe that the quality of spirits made in these old stills is so much higher that we are foregoing the right to put the word “gin” on our labels. Our “gins” must legally be called “eaux-de-vie”. We are part of a movement of small distilleries working with old discontinuous stills, called Gnole Naturelle that produce spirits in a traditional style and advocate for the right to do so.”