Philokalia — “Love of the Beautiful, the Good”

In the garage of his home in Bethlehem, Sari Khoury makes wine with rare grape varieties native to Palestine. He started the project in 2015, after years of traveling and making wine with mentor Pascal Frissant. He was inspired to return home and explore the depth of Palestinian winemaking by Nasser Soumi, a Palestinian artist and wine researcher. Sari writes, “he spoke to me about Palestine’s rich wine history; the domestication of the grapevine and olive tree by the Natoufians in the 7th millenium BC, the wine jars found in the tombs of the Pharoahs originating from Palestine, Gaza wine merchants in Bordeaux in the 7th century A.D., and I wondered why our colorful history is covered by the greyness of the present moment.”

He works with ungrafted, dry-farmed bush vines and does not reveal the names of the varieties. Previous vintages have been made with purchased fruit from nearby growers but in 2022 Sari released the first wine from his own plot.