Nadja Miklušičák, Andrej Miklušičák, and Ryba

“Nadja, originally from Germany, found her passion for wine a time ago. More as a hobby and semi-part of a winery in Austria, she started to make it to her job and life. While working in an amazing wine bar in Copenhagen, we started to build our new winery in Sväty Jur.

Falling in love with the man and the country, she moved to Slovakia and the journey of Naboso began. Beside making wine together with Andrej and taking care of the sales, she is also doing ceramics under her brand erdArbeit.

Andrej has been making wine for nearly a decade but more under the radar. In this time, he gained experience and improved his winemaking from year to year. His palate is extraordinary and his will to learn and improve is endless. With energy, charisma, technical understanding, and of course, with a smile on his face, he shows he just loves making wine.

Together we bring in our different knowledges and experiences from the wine business and build a perfect symbiosis to make for us the best wine as possible.

All work is done by the two of us and for us it is important to have the connection to every process in winemaking by ourselves.

Ryba is our so called ‘Security Manager’. Race: Vineyard Terrier. She is the beautiful soul of NABOSO and part of the family.”

All of the wines are spontaneously fermented, aged using neutral oak and/or acacia barrels. There is no mechanical stressing. The winemaking is carried out by gravity.

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Pivnica Brhlovce

Ján Záborský

The Brewhouse Brewery is a small cellar located in the rocky dwellings in the village of Brhlovce. It is a place where time is still flowing through the old – analogy. We try to make wine as classically as possible, as I remember from childhood. Wine and vine were an everyday part of our family life, but we also had sheep, goats, and bulls. The cooperative vineyards, in which I went to brigade in the summer, still form a natural landscape around Brhloviec. Maybe that’s why I did not see wine as something special in my youth, but rather fascinated by ” big world ” and pictures, whether static or moving. So I studied photography at VŠVU in Bratislava, as opposed to winemaking. But when I traveled the “big world ” and captured many pictures, I realized the unique location of Brhloviec and the strong energy of rocky dwellings. In 2011 I founded the wine cellar BRHLOVCE, and since then we have bottled all the wine under our own brand. Today all grapes come from Brhloviec and the surrounding areas.”

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Slobodné Vinárstvo

Zemianske Sady is a family run estate that has been making wine in Hlohovec since 1912. At its inception, the estate was primarily a tobacco farm that also produced wines which sold locally and were beloved by the art scene in Prague. Due to the war and political strife, the estate stopped production until 1997, where now, the fourth and fifth generations have taken over.

The vineyards were replanted and the cellar reconstructed, and in 2010, the first vintage under the name Slobodné Vinárstvo was born. In 2016, they began farming their 17 hectares in an environmentally conscious way, and became members of the oldest biodynamic farmers association in Austria.

Bees are kept and herbs are grown to promote a healthy soil climate, which they consider paramount to making great wine. They are dedicated to minimal intervention winemaking and only grow varietals that are historically from the area and suited to the climate: Lemberger Blue, Grüner Veltliner, Rhine Riesling, Red Traminer, Devin, Pinot Gris, Sauvignon Blanc, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Alibernet.

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