Our approach to spirits is similar to our approach to wine. We find that the most soulful, inspiring projects are those that are born of culture, center humanity, and respect Mother Nature and her ecosystems. While sticking with this ethos, we have come across both ancestral distillates and innovative, category pushing expressions. We know that a good spirit starts with intentional agriculture and fermentation applications, and finishes with cultural respect and community care. As we continue to build this extension of ZRS and source spirits globally, we hope to center cultural nuance and challenge the perception of what a good spirit should be.

Read more in The Natural Booze Manifesto here

Our Producers

* Cooperative distilling and/or economics

++ Social Sustainability — majority BIPOC and/or LGBTQIA+ and/or woman owned

Natural — organic agriculture, native yeast, unadulterated bottling

Freimeister Kollektiv / Denmark *

The Single Apple Company / St. James, FR

Atelier Du Bouilleur / Faugeres, FR ++

Coeur de Cuivre / Vauvert, FR ++

La Theriaque Spiriteux / Montpellier, FR ++

Córdova & Guillen / Chiapas, MX

JUERTE / Tiaxcala, MX

Astrofilia / Mexico City, MX ++

Altiva / Guerrero, MX ++ *

Veintiocho / Sola del Vega, MX *

Batuq / Sonora, MX

Mazot / Sonora, MX ++

Zinacantan / Puebla, MX ++

Navet 1804 / Leogane, HT ++

Muaddi Distillery / Bethlehem, PS

Tie / Aiuruoca, BR

Jambuzera / Ivoti, BR

Rob Easter / California, US

C. Cassis / New York, US ++

RAS / Maine, US

Organic — organic agriculture

Fernet Hunter / Austria

Avallen / France

Rubino / Trentino Alto-Adige, IT

Rechmaya Distillery / Rechmaya, LB

Masada Distillery / Galilee, IL

Striped Lion / New Jersey, US ++

Rockfilter Distilling / Minnesota, US

Fernet Francisco / California, US