Fifi Selects Portfolio Tasting

POSTED: 04,10,23   3:19 pm
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Come by 119 Ingraham #202 to taste the full lineup of Fifi’s wines

10/10 10am-3pm

Terada Honke Masterclass and Tasting

POSTED: 05,09,23   2:29 pm
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Founded in 1673 Terada Honke has been run by 24th generation Toji (brew master) and Kuramoto (brewery owner), Masaru san. We are honored to receive him for his first visit to NY! With his philosophy of old school brewing, he has become a leading figure of natural sake making in Japan. Please come join us and try his exceptional sakes!

North American Wine Tasting

POSTED: 17,05,23   7:57 pm
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All of our domestic winemakers in a room for the first time ever!

Satellite events all around the city, check out our instagram page for details!

Tuesday May 23 // 10:30-3:30PM // Comodo, 23 Lexington Ave

“When I started working in wine in 2002 the perception of domestic wine had two expressions: buttery and tannic. You don’t need me to tell you this but that has been flipped on its head. An extremely exciting wave of young and interesting winemakers has taken one of the world’s best terroirs and is putting out wines that are fun, have acidity (that isn’t added), and there’s no butter in sight. That reputation and evolution applies mostly to west coast wines, but the rest of the US has been coming up with a shocking array of compelling wines, often using hybrids and sometimes mixing other fruits entirely. I think it’s easy to say that this is the most exciting time to be drinking American wines in a long time. And so, we have 20 (!) winemakers from around America to pour wines for us here in NYC.” Zev

New Arrivals Tasting 5/9

POSTED: 28,04,23   6:03 pm
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New! New! New! 

We will be opening the full range of spring arrivals from Fifi Selections: Domaine Padie, Mas Mellet, Bascule, and more, including new liqueurs from Domaine de la Mer Blanche in Argel├Ęs-sur-Mer. 
Fresh off the water arrivals from ZRS will be alongside a curated selection of spirits focusing on fruit, flowers, and beans. Les Deux Terres, Autour de L’Anne, and Domaine Taillandier will be included, among others, as well new domestic arrivals such as Dan Marioni, Lightwell Survey, and North American Press. 

RSVP with your rep to join us Tuesday, May 9th from 11-3 at the office — 119 Ingraham St. #202

In-Office Spirits Tasting

POSTED: 27,03,23   2:18 pm
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Come explore the spirits side of the ZRS portfolio for our monthly tasting series. This month we will be focusing on arak, agave, gin, and cachaca!

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