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monday, march 6th @ Bin Bin Sake! RSVP with your rep to attend

**location change, and lineup expansion! 

we are sometimes greeted with surprise when we share the breadth of regions, styles, and producers zrs represents. we began as a company bringing in natural wine from europe and sharing our love for responsible farming. over 15 years we have expanded into sake and spirits with the same goal. we champion artisans that put the land first and use a soft hand in production, often reaching for techniques employed pre-industrialization. 

this monday, we will be tasing our full sake lineup, gin juniper and agave distillates, and wines from Grape Republic in japan.

george and sophia of Bin Bin Sake will lead sake educational classes at 11a and 2p to guide us through the practices of pure sake production, flipping the concept of rice polishing and purity on it’s head! these seminars are optional, but we highly recommend taking advantage of the knowledge and insight these folks provide. 

we are ever inspired by the work done by our neighbors to the south by way of agave. together, distillers and communities are protecting the narrative around ancestral practices and distinguishing them from more commercial applications. a similar effort is being made in the EU and US with the circulation of the ‘natural booze manifesto’ establishing the foundations of a spirits industry that mirrors natural wine. juniper distillates are popular amongst the producers who support the manifesto, and we have quite a few expressions made from up-cycled natural wine along with terroir driven expressions from arizona and speyside. 

Grape Republic is based in Yamagata Prefecture. The farmland and brewery facilities are set up in Nanyo City, where the hills are at the north and the fertile ground spread to the south. A land suitable for making grapes, where it has a climate with an intense temperature gap, low humidity throughout the day and a smooth drain geology, but cultivation abandoned areas are noticeable. By producing a high quality grape and natural wine from here, they work to gather new farmers or new wineries and revitalize the increasing abandoned farmland.

rsvp with your rep! see you soon. 

Closeout Tasting

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Spring cleaning in the ZRS office Wednesday, March 11am-4pm

We have decided to do a little housecleaning with the biggest round of closeouts that we have ever done! We are reducing some prices drastically in an effort to create opportunities for you to take decent stock and make some extra margin while helping us make room for incoming vintages. Around 100 wines from France, Italy, Central Europe, California, etc. will be open to taste. There will also be lots of pizza, so come on down, have a slice, and maybe order some wine.

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