Producer wine
Clos de Bernardi




Jean-Laurent de Bernardi and Jean-Paul de Bernardi

Founded in 1880, by the grandfather of Jean-Laurent and Jean-Paul De Bernardi, the estate covers 10 hectares, on a clay-limestone land by the sea.

The vines are worked in a traditional way that is to say by hand, the culture is certified organic.

The A.O.C, recognized in 1968, is the result of the work of their father, Mr. Pierre De Bernardi, then President of the Wine Union of Patrimonio.

De Bernardi’s philosophy is to favor quality rather than quantity, to guarantee natural, organic production, while respecting the environment and the know-how of the profession.

In the center of the village of Patrimonio, a 19th century stone building houses this 3rd generation of wine growers. In this cellar, steeped in history, Jean-Laurent and Jean-Paul, lovers of their land and their craft, will enjoy making you taste their exceptional wine.



“Crème de Tête” Rouge

Region: Corsica
Grape: Nielluciu
Vineyard Size: 5.20 hectares
Soil: clay, limestone
Average Age of Vines: 35 years
Farming: organic
Harvest: by hand
Winemaking: destemmed, spontaneous fermentation in concrete with indigenous yeasts, malolactic fermentation
Aging: in stainless steel
Fining: none
Filtration: none
Added S02: low