Producer wine
Coeur de Cuivre




Julia Marti established Coeur de Cuivre in 2018 with the goal of creating modern Languedoc spirits with ancient methods and tools. She makes her own spirits in Vauvert as well as providing distillation for locals, professional and hobbyist alike. She uses two 500 liter wood-fired copper stills that date back to 1901 and 1906. She is a signatory on the Natural Booze Manifesto and a founding member of the Alambic Association — Union of Independent Distillers.


“Changing Color” Gin

Region: Vauvert, Languedoc
Base: local wine
Process: wine is double distilled, botanicals added for second distillation. color comes from maceration with blue pea flowers (turns pink with the addition of tonic).
Sugar: n/a
Botanicals: juniper, peppers, pink peppercorn, ginger
ABV: 45%


Dry Vermouth

Region: Vauvert, Languedoc
Base: local wine (Domaine Rouge Bleu)
Process: wine fortified with eau de vie made from the same wine. collaboration with Atelier du Bouilleur.
Sugar: n/a (only sugar is RS from base wine)
Botanicals: local citrus, mugwort
ABV: 17.6%