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Domaine des Jeunes Pousses




The Domaine des Jeunes Pousses is a quite unique estate. With organic vineyards in the villages of Émeringes and Chénas in the Beaujolais, the entire winery is given to young winemakers for three years. During this period, they assume full control on all aspects of the production, from the vines to the shop. By doing so, the estate owner Thibaut Liger Belair wants to give the possibility to young winemakers who are new to the wine scene to train and gain fame in the sector.

The winery is currently in the hands of Angela Quiblier and Hugo Foizel, two dynamic young oenologist. Since 2019, they have been in charge of development and maintenance of the domain and have been producing their very own wines. They consider this experience as a wonderful chance that will teach them how to become autonomous producers.

The name “Jeunes Pousses” (“young shoots”) was not picked randomly. after all, the very goal of this estate is to let young winemakers grow big.



“Replat de Vavre”

Region: Beaujolais
Grape: Gamay
Vineyard Size: 1 hectare
Soil: clay, limestone
Average Age of Vines: 60 years old
Farming: organic, biodynamic
Harvest: by hand
Winemaking: whole cluster, maceration for about ten days,
Aging: in fiberglass tanks and in used casks
Fining: none
Filtration: none
Added S02: 10 mg/l