“Robin” Pet Nat

Region: Barabás, Tokaj
Grape: 2022 – Királyleányka, Furmint 2021 – Királyleányka, Hárslevelü, Riesling, Furmint
Vineyard: 45-50 year vines in Barabás, volcanic rhyolite with clay-loam top soil. 15 year vines in Mád from collaboration partner, andesite and rhyolite tuff, brown forest soil and clay.
Farming: certified organic
Harvest: by hand
Winemaking: Királyleányka destemmed, direct press into fiberglass. Furmint macerated on skins 4-5 days, slow press in basket press. blended after maceration finished, hand disgorged fall 2023
Aging: méthode ancestrale
Fining: none
Filtration: none
Added S02: none